program components

The unique combination of the staff and children at each site allows for a diverse curriculum that meets state learning standards and variety in activities students can choose.  Although the curriculum deliverables may differ from class to class, the structure and type of activities will remain the same and will incorporate the following elements of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math).  Children will participate in program components and enrichment activities such as arts and crafts, homework for after school, early literacy, games and fun physical activities, team building, and character development exercises. Depending on their interests, children will also participate in experiential activities such as cooking, drama, music, science and environmental activities, just to name a few.  Monthly activities highlighting tobacco, drug, and alcohol prevention, bullying and making wise choices will be provided.

character development

The Oasis Daycare teaches, models, and integrates the Oasis Daycare core values into all of our programs.  In our afterschool program, you will see these values embedded in our rules, incorporated into the daily curriculum, and modeled by both staff and children. Children are encouraged to put these values into practice through their behavior, decision making and the way in which they treat others both inside and outside of the Oasis Daycare program.


Your child will be provided with USDA approved meals and snacks each day and water will be available to students at all times during program hours.  This snack includes items from 2 basic food groups.  If your child has allergies or dietary restrictions, please let our Director know so we can provide alternative snacks. You are more than welcome to send your own snack to the program for your child, although we ask that you provide your Director with a written request stating that you would prefer your child to have the snack you have provided in lieu of what is being served.